Well Woman Herbal Tea Blend
Well Woman Herbal Tea Blend
Well Woman Herbal Tea Blend

Well Woman Herbal Tea Blend

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You need a cup of Well Woman when your moon cycle is near or in full effect, you need to balance your body from menopause, or just need to nourish the body and soul. The herbs in this tea are known to aid in calming menstrual cramps, mood swings, menopause symptoms, and are rich in vitamins. Not recommended pregnant or lactating women. 

R E D  R A S P B E R R Y  L E A F: High in magnesium, calcium and potassium, supports healthy menstruation, tones the uterus, and soothes menstrual cramps.

H I B I S C U S  F L O W E R: Mood regulator, anti-aging, lowers blood pressure, boosts immune function, aids in weight loss.

O A T S T R A W: Known to treat mood disorders, eases muscle cramps, fights stress, increases libido, promotes digestive health, and rich in vitamin A, C, E, K, B-complex, magnesium, silica and zinc. 

C H A S T E  T R E E  B E R R I E S (V I T E X): Relives PMS symptoms, balances irregular menstrual cycle, improves fertility, helps re-establish health cycle, aids in calming severe/cystic acne and pre-menstrual tension.

R E D  C L O V E R: Provides the body with plant-based estrogen, balances hormones, promotes fertility, remedies lymphatic congestion, reduces menopausal symptoms and hot flashes, prevents osteoporosis, and lowers bad cholesterol. 

Ginger: Alleviates chronic pain, nausea, increases libido, may offer migraine relief, and has been researched to prevent colon cancer.

2 oz

M E T H O D : Use 1 tsp of tea per 8 oz of boiling water. Cover and and allow to steep for 5-10 minutes. Strain. May be enjoyed as is or with honey and/or coconut milk. Namas-Tea!

I N G R E D I E N T S : Organic Red Raspberry Leaf, Organic Hibiscus Flower, Organic Oatstraw, Organic Chaste Tree Berries, Organic Red Clover, Organic Ginger.

*The information provided is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to diagnose or treat any health condition and is not a replacement for treatment by a healthcare provider. Women who are pregnant, nursing or are considering becoming pregnant should not use herbs without the approval of their doctor or midwife.*

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