Jodi began her journey as an Herbalist while interning at the Berkeley Urban Garden during her English undergrad. After graduating she enjoyed working in several library and editorial positions, but realized her place in the world was with nature and felt a strong calling to work with plants. Her passion for reading and writing somehow paralleled nature, just as a walk in the woods is poetry in a physical form. During this transition she found herself with an autoimmune disorder that required steroids and prescription drugs that were damaging to the liver. After years of ineffective steroid treatments she turned to herbalism and mindful practices, improving her symptoms to the point of full recovery. Having worked as a cosmetologist with Aveda for 8 years, she decided to start her journey with plants by making botanical bath and body concoctions and enrolled in a herbal medicine course. She later discovered that many health problems stemmed from the gut, emotional states, physical health and other factors. Her interests evolved into whole-body wellness and dropped anchor there. Today Eufloria Botanicals offers alternative wellness products, herbal tea and
self-care goods.


Her certifications include: 


Certified Aromatherapist  |  School For Aromatic Studies  

Dien Chan Practitioner  |  International Institute of Italian Reflexology  

Intuitive Plant Medicine  |  One Willow Apothecaries 

Usui Reiki Master  |  Reiki Energy Healing School 

Practical Herbalist  |  Wild Rose College of Natural Medicine 

Intermediate Herbalist  |  Matthew Woods Institute of Herbalism



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