Get to know the creators of Eufloria  Botanicals and their quest to create  simple, plant-based skincare products.

 The Eufloria Botanicals team consists of myself and my husband Jon. We live in Southwest Washington in the beautiful Cascade countryside where the farmlands meet the forests. We enjoy growing our own food and medicinal herbs, and love exploring the woods with our daughters Luna and Anya. It rains a lot out here, which gives us ample opportunity to read and create. We came to conceiving Eufloria Botanicals because we realized many main-stream skin care products claimed to be natural but instead used harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients. We discovered that the skin care industry is not regulated and that companies can claim their ingredients are "natural" and "organic" without any verification. It was an unnerving wake up call that encouraged us to explore our options. We began reading up on natural alternatives, essential oils, herbal extracts, and medicinal plants that were known to treat chronic skin conditions. After a few years of blending and testing, Eufloria Botanicals skincare was born. Little by little we started adding other wellness products, and have taken flight from there. We love combining our skills and working together to create safer skincare alternatives and mediums into a more holistic lifestyle. While I am dreaming up herbal ingredients and aromatic synergies, Jon is calculating blending ratios and balanced formulations. I am the right brain and he is the left. I am Yin and he is Yang. We make a harmonizing team and work together beautifully. We believe our love for what we do is expressed in our products, and hope you feel this energy and love whenever you use them. 
- Jodi



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